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appropriate roles– All users interested in Partner Center

Granular delegated administration (GDAP) permissions provide partners access to their customers' workloads in a more granular and time-bound manner, which can help address customer security concerns.

With the GDPP, partners can provide more services to customers who may be uncomfortable with high levels of partner access.

The GDPP also helps customers who have regulatory requirements to provide only least privilege access to partners.

GDPP configuration

Why can't I access IAM and other pages in the Azure portal after switching to Azure GDAP for all my customers?

Some partners in certain countries, especially APAC (Japan, China, Tiwan, Korea), may experience access issues when technical partners manage Azure services on behalf of (AOBO) their customers in the Azure portal. This is due to certain characters in the partner organization name.


Mitigation:Microsoft has identified the issue and is currently in the process of implementing a fix. We will send a follow-up communication in February 2023. As we work to fix this issue for all partners based in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea, we will not be implementing the following milestones in these affected regions until the issue is resolved:

As of January 17, 2023:Microsoft will no longer create DAP relationships when a new customer or reseller relationship is created. Partners will need to request Azure AD roles from customers' GDAP to manage them. Microsoft will begin deleting inactive DAP relationships that have not been used in 90 days or more.

Who can apply for a GDPP relationship?

someone with himadmin agentrole in a partner organization cancreate a GDPP relationship request.

Does a GDPP relationship request expire if the customer takes no action?

Yes. GDPP relationship orders expire after 90 days.

How long does a GDPP relationship last?

The duration of a GDPP relationship is defined by the partner. Two years is the default duration. (Two years is also the maximum duration.) However, a partner can increase the duration to just one day.

Can I make a GDPP relationship with a customer permanent?

Do not. Permanent GDPP relationships with customers are not possible for security reasons. The maximum duration of a GDPP relationship is two years.

Can a GDPP relationship with a customer be automatically renewed?

Do not. A GDPP relationship cannot be automatically renewed for security reasons.

What should I do when the GDPP relationship with a customer expires? Is there an automatic renewal process?

If the GDPP relationship with your customer expires, you will need toapply for a GDPP relationshipagain. There is no automatic renewal process.

You can useGDPP relationship analysisto track GDPP relationship expiration dates and prepare for its renewal.

How can a customer extend or renew a GDPP relationship?

To extend or renew a GDPP relationship, the customer must ask the partner tosubmit a GDPP relationship request.

If a GDPP relationship expires, will existing customer subscriptions be affected?

Do not. There are no changes to a customer's existing subscriptions when a GDPP relationship expires.

How can I continue to manage services for my clients if the DAP for inactive clients is removed?

While DAP and GDPP coexist, you can continue to manage services for your customers by establishing a GDAP relationship or recreating a DAP relationship with them through Partner Center. We recommend setting aGDAPrelationship to ensure you have the most secure and least privileged access to your client's tenant.

When DAP is disabled, you must have a GDPP relationship with all customers for whom you want to administer services.

How can a customer reset their password and MFA device if their account is locked and they are unable to accept a GDAP relationship request from a partner?

refer toTroubleshoot Azure Multi-Factor AuthenticationyYou cannot use Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to sign in to cloud services after you lose your phone or change your phone numberto help.

Who receives a GDPP termination notification email?

inside of onepartnerorganization, people withadmin agentfunction receives a termination notification.

inside of oneclientorganization, people withglobal adminfunction receives a termination notification.

Can I see when a customer deletes the GDAP in activity logs?

Yes. Partners can see when a customer removes the GDAP in Partner Center activity logs.

Do I need to create a GDPP relationship with all my customers?

Do not. GDPP is an optional feature for partners who want to manage their customers' services in a more granular and time-bound manner. You can choose which customers you want to create a GDPP relationship with.

If I have multiple clients, should I have multiple security groups for those clients?

The answer depends on how you want to manage your customers.

  • If you want your partner's users to be able to manage all of your customers, you can put all of your partner's users in a security group and that group can manage all of your customers.

  • If you prefer to have multiple partner users manage multiple clients, assign those partner users to separate security groups for client isolation.

Can indirect resellers create GDPP relationship requests in Partner Center?

Yes. Indirect resellers (and indirect suppliers and direct billing partners) can create GDPP relationship requests in Partner Center.

What is the recommended next step if the customer-defined conditional access policy blocks all external access, including CSP (AOBO) access to the customer's tenant?

Customers can now exclude CSPs from the conditional access policy so that partners can run the GDPP bulk migration tool without consent to transition to GDPP without being locked out.

add users

This user list typically includes all users that an organization targets in a conditional access policy.

The following options are available to include when creating a conditional access policy:

  • Select users and groups
    • Guest or external users (preliminary version)
      • This selection provides several options that can be used to target Conditional Access policies to specific guest or external user types and specific tenants containing those types of users. There are several different types of guests or external users that can be selected, and multiple selections can be made:
        • Users of service providers, for example a cloud solution provider (CSP)
      • One or more tenants can be specified for selected user types, or you can specify all tenants.

External partner access

Conditional access policies targeted at external users can interfere with service provider access, for example, granular delegated administrative privileges. For more information, seeIntroduction to granular delegated administrator privileges (GDAP). For policies targeting service provider tenants, use theService provider userexternal user type available inGuest or external usersselection options.

GDPP FAQ - Partner Center (1)

delete users

When organizations include and exclude a user or group, the user or group is excluded from the policy because an exclusion action overrides an inclusion in the policy.

The following options are available for exclusion when creating a conditional access policy:

  • Guest or external users
    • This selection provides several options that can be used to target Conditional Access policies to specific guest or external user types and specific tenants containing those types of users. existseveral different types of guests or external users that can be selected, and multiple selections can be made:
      • Users of service providers, for example a cloud solution provider (CSP)
    • One or more tenants can be specified for selected user types, or you can specify all tenants.

GDPP FAQ - Partner Center (2)

For more information, see the following:

  • Graph API Experience: Beta API with new external user type information
  • conditional access policy
  • Conditional access external users


Are there any known GDPP compatibility issues withguest invitation¿Role o Azure AD?

If the partner has an established GDPAP relationship with a customer and hasguest invitationas one of the roles and is assigned to a security group within the associated tenant, they should see500 internal server errorswhen calling the following APIs in Partner Center.

  • Get Signed SKUs
  • Get assigned licenses
  • Add/Remove Licenses

UX scenarios related to license management would also fail when calling the above three APIs.


We are working on a solution for this issue. The current estimated release date is January 2023.

The following workloads have known limitations with theguest invitationOccupation.

  • Azure AD portal: Azure search users, local sync status and unable to produce valid reports
  • Microsoft Compliance Admin Center: Audit
  • Microsoft Defender: Antispam, Antiphishing, and Antimalware Threat Policies

Work around:The partner can follow the next steps atPartner Centeruntil this problem is fixed.

  1. Navigate to the affected customer's tenant with a management agent role.
  2. Navigate to the affected GDPP relationship.
  3. Select the affected security group.
  4. clean theguest invitationAzure AD role.
  5. selectTo save.
  6. Allow 20 minutes for propagation
Are APIs available to build a GDPP relationship with customers?

For information about APIs and GDPAP, see thePartner Center Developer Documentation

Can I use the GDPP beta APIs for production?

Yes. It is recommended that partners use theAPI GDAP betafor production and then moving to v.1 APIs when they become available.

While there is a caveat, "Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported", this generic guidance is for any beta APIs in Graph and does not apply to GDAP Graph beta APIs.

Can I create multiple GDPP relationships with different customers at the same time?

Yes. GDPP relationships can be created via the API, allowing partners to scale this process. However, creating multiple GDPP relationships is not available in Partner Center. For information about APIs and GDPAP, see thePartner Center Developer Documentation.

Can I bulk migrate clients from DAP to GDPP?

Yes. You can bulk migrate clients from DAP to GDPP via API. Using various APIs, you can automate the process of building GDPP relationships with your customers. For information about APIs and GDPAP, see thePartner Center Developer Documentation.

Can multiple security groups be assigned in a GDPP relationship per API call?

The API works for one security group at a time, but you can assign multiple security groups to multiple roles in Partner Center.


What GDAP roles are required to access an Azure subscription?
  • To manage Azure with partitioned access per client (which is the best practice), create a security group (such asAzure Admins) ynest it under the management agents.

  • To access an Azure subscription as a customer owner, you can assign anyRol integrado de Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)(such asdirectory readers, the least privileged role) to theAzure Adminssecurity group.

    For steps to configure Azure GDPP, seeWorkloads that support granular delegated administrator privileges (GDAP).

Is there any guidance on the least privileged roles I can assign users for specific tasks?

Yes. To learn how to restrict a user's admin permissions by assigning least privilege roles in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), seeLeast Privileged Roles by Task in Azure Active Directory.

What is the least privileged role I can assign to a customer's tenant and still be able to raise support tickets for the customer?

We recommend assigning theservice support managerOccupation. For more information, seeLeast Privileged Roles by Task in Azure Active Directory.

Can I open support tickets for a customer in a GDAP relationship from which all Azure AD roles have been deleted?

Do not. The least privileged role for associated users to create support tickets for their customers is theservice support manager. Therefore, to create support tickets for the customer, an associated user must be in a security group and assigned to that customer with that role.

Where can I find information about all the roles and workloads included in the GDPP?

For information about all functions, seeAzure AD built-in roles.

For information about workloads, seeWorkloads that support granular delegated administrator privileges (GDAP).

Which GDPP role gives access to the Microsoft 365 admin center?

Many roles are used for the Microsoft 365 admin center. For more information, seeCommonly used Microsoft 365 admin center features.

Can I create custom security groups for GDPP?

Yes. Create a security group, assign approved roles, and assign tenant users associated with that security group.

What GDPP roles grant read-only access to customer subscriptions and therefore do not allow the user to manage them?

Read-only access to customer subscriptions is provided byworld reader,directory readeryTier 2 support for partnerspapers

What role should I assign to my partner agents (currently Admin Agents) if I want them to manage the customer's tenant but not modify the customer's subscriptions?

We recommend removing the associated agents from theadmin agentrole and just add them to a GDPP security group. This way, they can manage services (managing services and registering service requests, for example), but cannot buy or manage subscriptions (change quantity, cancel, change schedules, etc.).

What happens if a customer grants GDPP roles to a partner and then removes the roles or severs the GDPP relationship?

Security groups assigned to the relationship lose access to that client. The same is true if a customer ends a DAP relationship.

Can some roles in my GDPP relationship with my customer have a longer expiration time than others?

Do not. All roles in a GDPP relationship have the same expiration time: the duration that was chosen when the relationship was created.

Do I need GDPP to fulfill new and existing customer orders in Partner Center?

Do not. You don't need GDPP to fulfill new and existing customer orders. You can continue to use the same process to fulfill customer orders in Partner Center.

Should I assign an agent role associated with all customers, or can I assign an agent role associated with just one customer?

GDPP ratios are per customer. You can have multiple relationships per customer. Each GDAP relationship can have different roles and use different Azure AD groups in your CSP tenant.

In Partner Center, role assignment works at the customer relationship level for GDPP. If you want role mapping from multiple clients, you can automate the use of APIs.

Can a member user have GDPP roles and a Guest account?

Guest accounts do not work with GDPAP and DAP. Customers must remove all guest accounts for GDPAP and DAP to work.

Do I need DAP/GDAP for Azure subscription provisioning?

No, you do not need DAP or GDAP to purchase Azure plans and provision Azure subscriptions to a customer. The process for creating an Azure subscription for a customer is documented atCreate a subscription for a partner's customer: Azure Cost Management + Billing. By default, the Management Agents group in the partner tenant will become the owner of the Azure subscriptions provisioned for the customer. However, you will need a GDAP relationship (minimum Azure AD Directory Reader role) to access the IAM blade and provide client access.

Which AAD functions are supported by the GDPP?

GDPP currently only supportsAzure AD built-in roles. AAD custom functions are not supported.


Does GDAP replace DAP?

Yes. During the transition period, DAP and GDAP will co-exist and GDAP permissions will take precedence over DAP permissions forMicrosoft 365,Dynamic 365, youAzurworkloads

Can I still use DAP or do I need to transition all my customers to GDPP?

DAP and GDPAP will co-exist during the transition period. However, GDAP will eventually replace DAP to ensure we provide a more secure solution for our partners and customers. It is recommended that you transition your customers to GDPP as soon as possible to ensure continuity.

While DAP and GDPAP coexist, will there be any changes to how a DAP relationship is created?

There are no changes to the existing DAP relationship flow as long as DAP and GDPP coexist.

How will GDAP work with Privileged Identity Management in Azure AD?

Partners can implementPrivileged Identity Management (PIM)in a GDAP security group in the partner tenant to elevate access for some high-privilege users, just-in-time (JIT) to grant them high-privilege functions, such as password administrators with automatic removal of access.

To enable this implementation, the Azure AD Premium Plan 2 subscription that requires PIM is available free of charge. Microsoft partners canlogin for details.

How do DAP and GDAP coexist if a customer buys Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365?

GDPAP is generally available with support for all commercial Microsoft cloud services (Microsoft 365,Dynamic 365,Microsoft Azure, youMicrosoft Power Platformworkloads). For more information about how DAP and GDAP can coexist and how GDAP takes precedence, seeHow will GDPP take precedence over DAP?.

I have a large customer base (10,000 customer accounts, for example). How do I transition from DAP to GDPP?

This action can be performed by APIs.

Will my Partner Earned Credit (PEC) earnings be affected when I transition from DAP to GDAP? Will there be any effect on the partner manager (PAL) link?

Do not. Your PEC earnings will not be affected when you transition to GDPP. There are no PAL changes with the transition, ensuring you continue to earn PEC.

Is PEC affected when DAP/GDAP is removed?
  • If a partner's customer only has DAP and the DAP is removed, the PEC is not lost.
  • If a partner's customer has DAP and switches to GDAP for Office and Azure simultaneously and the DAP is removed, the PEC will not be lost.
  • If the partner customer has DAP and migrates to GDAP for Office, but keeps Azure as is (do not migrate to GDAP) and removes DAP, the PEC will not be lost, but access to the Azure subscription will be lost.
  • If an RBAC role is removed, the PEC will be lost, but removing the GDAP will not remove the RBAC.
How do GDAP permissions take precedence over DAP permissions while DAP and GDAP coexist?

When the user is part of the GDPP security group and the DAP Management Agents groupycustomer has DAP and GDAP relationships, GDAP access takes precedence at partner, customer, and workload level.

For example, if an associated user logs in for a certain workload and there is DAP for the global administrator role and GDAP for the global reader role, the associated user will only get global reader permissions.

If there are three clients with GDPAP role assignments to the GDPP security group only (not Management Agents):

GDPP FAQ - Partner Center (3)

Clientrelationship with partner
customer 1DAP (sem GDAP)
Client 2DAP+GDAP sucks
customer 3GDAP (sem DAP)

The following table describes when a user logs in to a different client tenant.

User exampleCustomer tenant exampleConductComments
user 1customer 1JUMPThis example is DAP as is.
user 1Client 2JUMPThere is no GDPP role assignment for theManagement Agentsgroup, resulting in DAP behavior.
user 1customer 3No accessThere is no WTP relationship, so theManagement Agentsthe group does not have access to the client 3.
User 2customer 1JUMPThis example is DAP as is
User 2Client 2GDAPGDAP takes precedence over DAP because there is a GDAP role assigned to user 2 through the GDAP security group, even though the user is part of theadmin agentgroup.
User 2customer 3GDAPThis example is a GDPP-only client.
user 3customer 1No accessThere is no GDPP role assignment for customer 1.
user 3Client 2GDAPUser 3 is not part of theadmin agentgroup, resulting in GDPP-only behavior.
user 3customer 3GDAPGDPP unique behavior
Will retiring DAP or transitioning to GDAP affect my legacy competency benefits or the solution partner designations I've earned?

DAP and GDAP are not eligible partnership types for Solution Partner designations, and retirement or transition from DAP to GDAP will not affect receipt of Solution Partner designations. Your renewal of legacy competency benefits or solution partner benefits will also not be affected.

Go toPartner Center Solutions Partner Designationsto see what other types of partner associations are eligible for solution partner designations.

How does GDAP work with Azure Lighthouse? Do GDPAP and Azure Lighthouse affect each other?

Regarding the relationship between Azure Lighthouse and DAP/GDAP, think of them as decoupled parallel paths to Azure resources, so cutting one should not affect the other.

  • In the Azure Lighthouse scenario, users from the associated tenant are never signed in to the customer's tenant and don't have any Azure AD permissions in the customer's tenant. Your Azure RBAC role assignments are also maintained in the partner tenant.

  • In the GDAP scenario, the associated tenant users are signed in to the customer's tenant and the Azure RBAC role assignment to the management agent group is also in the customer's tenant. You can block the GDAP path (users can no longer log in) while the Azure Lighthouse path is unaffected. On the other hand, you can crop the Lighthouse aspect ratio (projection) without affecting the GDAP. For more information, see theblue lighthousedocumentation.

How does GDPP work with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse?

Granular Delegated Administrator (GDAP) privileges plus an Indirect Reseller relationship or Delegated Administrator (DAP) Privileges are required to onboard customers to Lighthouse.

If DAP and GDAP coexist in a customer tenant, GDAP permissions take precedence for MSP technicians in GDAP-enabled security groups.

Customers with GDPP-only relationships (no indirect reseller relationships) will soon be able to join Lighthouse. For more information about Microsoft 365 Lighthouse requirements, seeRequirements for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

What's the best way to move to GDAP and remove DAP without losing access to Azure subscriptions if I have customers with Azure?

The correct sequence to follow for this scenario is:

  1. Create a GDPP relationship forboth Microsoft 365 and Azure.
  2. Assign Azure AD roles to security groups toboth Microsoft 365 and Azure.
  3. Configure GDAP to take precedence over DAP.
  4. Delete DAP.


If you don't follow these steps, existing management agents that manage Azure could lose access to the customer's Azure subscriptions.

The following sequence may result inlose accessfor Azure subscriptions:

  1. Delete DAP.

    You won't necessarily lose access to an Azure subscription by removing the DAP. But at this time, you cannot browse the customer directory to perform Azure RBAC role assignments (such as assigning a new customer user as a signing RBAC contributor).

  2. Create a GDPP relationship forboth Microsoft 365 and Azure together.

    You may lose access to the Azure subscription in this step once GDAP is configured.

  3. Assign Azure AD roles to security groups toboth Microsoft 365 and Azure

    You will regain access to your Azure subscriptions after the Azure GDAP setup is complete.

I have customers with Azure subscriptions without DAP. If I move them to GDPP for Microsoft 365, will I lose access to the Azure subscriptions?

If you have Azure subscriptionsdap sinthat you manage as an owner, when you add GDAP for Microsoft 365 to that customer, you may lose access to Azure subscriptions. To avoid this, move the client to Azure GDAPat the same timemove the customer to Microsoft 365 GDPAP.


Failure to follow these steps could result in existing management agents managing Azure losing access to the customer's Azure subscriptions.

Can a single relationship link be used with multiple customers?

Do not. Relationships, once accepted, are not reusable.


Is Azure Subscription Management included in this version of GDPAP?

Yes. The current version of GDPP supports all products:Microsoft 365,Dynamic 365,Microsoft Power Platform, youMicrosoft Azure.


What is the difference between Microsoft DAP and GDAP? ›

GDAP is a natural transformation of Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP) which allows partners to service customers, at the same time reducing security risks by enabling custom roles and access time limit constraints - as a result, the GDAP process will override the current DAP (DAP model has indiscriminate access, which ...

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Do Microsoft Action Pack licenses expire? ›

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What is DAP to GDAP? ›

The DAP to GDAP bulk migration tool enables partners to create new GDAP relationships with implied customer consent. Implied customer consent means there's a pre-existing, active (accessed) or inactive (not accessed) in the last 90 days, DAP relationship between the CSP and their customer.

What blacklists does Microsoft use? ›

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If you receive an email from your partner, select the link to go to the Microsoft 365 admin center, or go to the Accept agreement page. Select the link for the Microsoft Customer Agreement and read the document. Check the box to acknowledge that you read the agreement. Select Accept.

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Global admins are the only admins who can assign other admin roles. You can have more than one global admin in your organization. The person who signs up to purchase Office 365 becomes a global admin.

How do I access Microsoft Partner Center? ›

All commercial and developer partners access Account management in Partner Center by selecting Settings (gear), then Account settings.

How do I find my Microsoft MPN? ›

Your MPN ID can be found in the Microsoft Partner Profile page of the Partner Center.

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From the Settings gear icon at the top right of the Partner Center, select Account settings and then User management. Select Add user. In Add user, select Create new users. Enter the user's full name and unique email address.

How do I add a global admin to my partner center? ›

Sign in to Partner Center and select Settings (gear). Select Account settings, and then select User management. In the search box, filter on Global admin. A list of Global admins in your company appears.

Can Microsoft track product keys? ›

Microsoft only keeps a record of product keys if you purchased from the Microsoft online store. You can find out if you purchased from Microsoft in your Microsoft account Order history.

What if I lost my Microsoft product key? ›

Suppose you are still unable to recover your lost office product key. In that case, you can simply contact Microsoft office customer care service or your Office Provider, who previously had installed Office on your computer.

What is MPN ID number? ›

MPN ID stands for Microsoft Partner Network ID. It is the ID that is assigned when you become a Microsoft Partner.


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