How much will a tooth extraction cost in 2023? | Dental authorities (2023)

  • A simple tooth extraction costs between $50 and $500. An impacted tooth extraction can cost up to $1,100. You may have to pay extra for dental exams, x-rays and sedatives.
  • The cost of tooth extraction depends on the type of extraction, the complexity of the procedure, and the type of anesthesia.
  • Dental insurance can cover about half the cost of tooth extraction.
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Need to Estimate the Cost of Tooth Extraction? Here's everything you need to know.

Average cost of tooth extraction

How much will a tooth extraction cost in 2023? | Dental authorities (1)

How much will a tooth extraction cost in 2023? | Dental authorities (2)

How much will a tooth extraction cost in 2023? | Dental authorities (3)

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Factors affecting the priceextraction of teethmost are:

  • the complexity of the dental procedure,

  • type of extraction required

  • the type of anesthesia required, and

  • whether the extraction is carried out by a specialistsuch as an oral surgeon or a board certified dentist and of course

  • the treatment plan is covered by your dental insurance.

Simple$ 200$ 50-500
Surgical$ 300$ 200-700
Impacted tooth, soft tissue$ 350$ 250-850
Impacted tooth, partially bony$ 450$ 300-950
Impacted tooth, completely bony$ 550$ 350-1100
Broken tooth$ 350$ 200-600
Coronectomie$ 600$ 250-1000
Milk tooth$ 150$ 100-500

As shown in the table above, estimates for simple tooth extraction or surgical extraction cover a wide range. Due to the nature of the procedure, it is impossible to know exactly what the cost will be until the procedure is completed, as there are many types of tooth extractions.

Associated costs

Your dentist may decide that you need additional office visits. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose, for example,dentist nearbywith affordable prices and extensive treatment expertise.

Dental examination$ 100$ 50-200
Panoramic x-ray$ 130$ 100-250
Periapical radiograph$ 35$ 25-50
CT tapered radius$ 330$ 150-750
laughing gas$90$ 40-150
Moderate anesthesia$ 250$ 100-500
Deep anesthesia$ 270$ 150-450

Below are some of the most common tooth extraction procedures.

Oral assessment

Tooth extraction is not a decision you can make alone. You pay for an examination where the dentist assesses the condition of your mouth. Perhaps a simple filling of the cavity is enough to save the tooth. Much cheaper than extraction.

Tienoral assessmentthis is a good opportunity to find out what needs to be done and how much it will cost. You can ask questions about the optimal form of anesthesia for your situation.

Be sure to tell your dentist about your medical history. Artificial heart valves, congenital heart disease, a weakened immune system or liver disease can complicate the extraction.

Dental x-ray

Ofcost of dental x-raysis something to consider for simple extractions. Your dentist will need to check your teeth, surrounding structures and tissues, and the direction of root growth. Extraction cannot be performed without a current x-ray.

An X-ray can also help detect a flat tireaccumulation. In addition, they can help visualize third molars so that the dentist or orthodontist can view them in 3D.

Before the extraction procedure, you can expect one or more of the following x-rays of your teeth:

  • panoramic x-ray image,

  • periapicale röntgenfoto of

  • cone radius CT.


Anesthesiais an important topic in tooth extraction. A local anesthetic is usually given by injection. This is included in the price of the procedure. However, there are other options.

If you are afraid of your teeth or if the extraction is more complicated, you may need intravenous or even general anesthesia. The more intense the sedation, the more expensive the extraction procedure.

In addition, charges for all types of anesthesia, with the exception of local injections, are charged according to the amount of anesthesia used. This can make them even more expensive, as it is difficult to know how long the procedure will take to begin.

Additional costs must be taken into account for more intensive formswhich could potentially increase the cost of tooth extraction.These include childcare or transportation, as you may not be able to drive home or return on your own that evening.

Does insurance cover the cost of tooth extraction?

How much will a tooth extraction cost in 2023? | Dental authorities (7)

How much will a tooth extraction cost in 2023? | Dental authorities (8)

How much will a tooth extraction cost in 2023? | Dental authorities (9)

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Dental insurancecan cover about half of the cost. Medicaid for adults covers tooth extraction in almost every state. Are you older than 65, do you care for a child or do you have a disability? Then you may qualify.

There are also annual ceilings that must be taken into account. Tooth extraction can get you to the max pretty quickly, especially under anesthesia. This means that your insurance will not cover anything else for the rest of the year.

Please note that there are always restrictions due to pre-existing circumstances. This means that if you knew you needed to have a tooth extracted before your insurance was in effect, your insurance may not cover any costs. Some policies also have a one-year waiting period for initial coverage.

As for the extra cost, some insurers will pay for a full set of x-rays once every three years. X-rays are extremely important as this is proof that the tooth needs to be extracted. If you don't have one, your provider may refuse to cover anything.

A good way to reduce all costs islooking for cheaper tooth extractions dental discount plans. They work in the same way as membership. You pay a fixed amount and receive a discount on all dental treatments. There are no records or yearly highlights.

Dental plans can save you money even if the extraction turns out to be one of the most complicated. You do not have to prove that the extraction is medically necessary. They include all treatments, including cosmetic treatments. You no longer need to collect X-rays or a statement from the dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Affects the Price of Tooth Extraction the Most?

The type of extraction performed and the type of anesthesia used are the two main factors that affect the price. The more complicated the removal is, the more it will cost.

The price of the procedure includes a local injection. If you are afraid of teeth or have low pain tolerance, you should be prepared to pay a lot more.

Is it cheaper to pull or fill a tooth?

A dental filling is much cheaper than a tooth extraction.

However, it is not always possible to opt for filling over suction. Although the dentist will do everything they can to save the tooth, extraction is sometimes necessary.

Where can I get a tooth extracted for free?

Finding a place where someone is trained to pull your tooth for free can be tricky, but it is possible.

Most dental schools are looking for volunteers for students to practice on. It is completely safe, because the treatment is always supervised by a recognized specialist. The only downside is that it may take a little longer than usual.

Another option is to find a free clinic or dental office that hosts a promotional or open day. You can also watch current programs from non-profit organizations such as Dental Lifeline Network or Dentistry from the Heart.

How much does an emergency tooth extraction cost?

The cost of emergency treatment is usually the same as what the clinic normally charges. The average extraction price is around $200 if you opt for a local injection. If you need a stronger form of anesthesia, the price can double.

Sometimes it is only possible to go to the ER. It will cost you much more.

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