The Seven Pillars of Wisdom Revealed (2023)

Although "The seven pillars of wisdom" are clearly stated in Proverbs 9:1, the meaning of each pillar is not clearly stated. So there are many different views as to what these seven pillars are. Here is a thorough examination of the various views and to arrive at a possible revelation of what these seven pillars are.

The seven pillars of wisdom:

  • Proverbs 9:1 Wisdom builds her house; she carved its seven pillars.

Proverbs 9 does not tell us specifically what the seven pillars are, although it begins by saying that wisdom personified built a house with seven pillars. Describes wisdom as sending invitations to the food she has prepared. The meal reminds me of the "marriage supper of the lamb" at the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. We will find that wisdom, the best of which is indeed Jesus Christ - the Word (see, for example, Proverbs 8, which speaks of the wisdom associated with creation).

Since Proverbs 9 does not speak specifically about the pillars of wisdom, many views are offered as to what they are. Here are some from google searches.

James 3:17 wisdom from on high:

As we are unfamiliar with the original Greek and Hebrew words and there are translation issues, you will find that many similar words are used, such as To seeThe Seven Pillars of Wisdom | The Institute for Creation Research

Here are some translations of James 3:17:

  • (KJV) But the wisdom that comes from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to ask, full of mercy and good fruit, without partiality and without hypocrisy.
  • (NASB) But the wisdom from above is pure first, then peaceful, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruit, steadfast, not hypocritical.
  • (NLT) But the wisdom from above is pure first of all. They are also peace-loving, friendly at all times and willing to give in to others. It is full of compassion and good deeds. Shows no favoritism and is always sincere.
  • (YLT) and the wisdom from above, first truly pure, then peaceful, gentle, slightly suppliant, full of goodness and good fruit, without strife and without hypocrisy.

    We can consolidate them to get to the seven pillars of wisdom:

    1. rein
    2. peaceful
    3. nett
    4. reasonable - indulgent towards others, kind, slightly pleading
    5. merciful with good work - kindness, helpfulness
    6. only - impartial, fair, unshakable, no favoritism, no competition
    7. sincere - without hypocrisy, true

      the Beatitudes:

      die Post,The seven pillars of wisdom, says they are the Beatitudes. I've just summarized the seven keywords here:

      1. Poor in Spirit - Humble
      2. Sad - Hates evil
      3. Manso - Gentle, prudent
      4. Justice
      5. Merciful
      6. Pure - free from corruption
      7. Peacemaker

          wisdom in proverbs:

          Someone says it must be in the book of Proverbs. Then she gives the following seven:

          The House of the Friends of Wisdom:

          To be "Seven Pillars of Wisdom“says the previous chapter, Proverbs 8, describes wisdom that dwells together with prudence, knowledge, etc., as in 8:12-14. Then he gave the seven pillars as:

          1. wisdom
          2. knowledge and discretion
          3. fear of god
          4. Rat
          5. healthy wisdom
          6. understanding
          7. allowed to

          So who is right?

          I believe that the context tells us what a particular sentence means. No one writes a sentence and then doesn't try to debunk and explain it in the same paragraphs. The author of Proverbs 9 could not have said this and then could not have explained it. So I believe the answers must be near Proverbs 9, I, e. Proverbs 8-10, bearing in mind that the chapters and verses were added later and not by the original author.

          So I would accept that Proverbs 8 list is a good list, although I don't completely agree with the list. My list is presented in the following mind map:

          That doesn't mean others are wrong. They are all correct in describing different aspects of wisdom. It is that they are not the seven pillars. You can find many overlapping wisdom attributes described. They are all useful.

          The revelation of the seven pillars in Proverbs 9:

          To uncover the pillars in Proverbs 9 we need to extract and deduce something to decode the hidden codes.

          Pillar No. 1 Creativity -The great plan for the salvation of man and the universe in Jesus Christ

          Proverbs 9:2 She killed her animals; she mixed her wine; She also set her table.

          Wisdom planned and completed the preparation of a magnificent meal - meat, wine and seating. It is the marriage supper of the Lamb! This is how we can see this "creativity" and more specifically the creation and restoration of human beings and the new heaven and earth.

          Pillar #2 Love- Share - The invitation of the gospel

          Proverbs 9:3 She sent her young wives from the high places of the city,

          Invitations will be sent. Good things must be shared. This is the heart of love and of God. This reminds us of the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14:16-24. Everyone is invited. Young women are attractive and energetic. They call from strategic positions in the city. We believers who bring the good news of the gospel must be equally attractive in our testimonies and do so in strategic places and positions.

          Pillar #3 Insight and Understandingto live

          Proverbs 9:4 "Let the simple-minded turn back." To those lacking in common sense she says:
          Proverbs 9:5 "Come, eat my bread and drink the wine that I have prepared.

          Proverbs 9:6 Leave your simple ways and live and walk in the way of wisdom.”

          Meat and wine are our livelihood. Wisdom provides us with the insight and understanding of how to live a good and prosperous life full of joy, peace and also longevity. We are born without wisdom. We must learn and acquire wisdom.

          Pillar #4 Exposing Injustice -Choose your audience- Don't persuade the bad guys

          Proverbs 9:7 Whoever corrects a scoffer will be shamed, and whoever corrects the wicked will be shamed.

          Proverbs 9:8a Do not correct a mocker, lest he hate you;

          This is a reminder ofMatthew 7:6“Don't give dogs anything sacred; Don't throw your pearls before swine.

          While wisdom and the gospels are good things, we cannot force them on people who don't want them. We need to attract, as in Pillar #2, inviting rather than forcing. Nor can we be kinder than God. Jesus often did not respond to the Pharisees, who wanted Jesus to perform miracles to prove that he was the Son of God. But Jesus knew their hearts. They didn't want proof, they wanted excuses to preach Jesus. They accused Jesus of casting out demons with the power of a demon! No matter what you do or say, they will be used against you instead of being moved and converted by your testimony!There is no point in converting Satan, but in any case in saving the victims of evil.

          Digging deeper, why does a scoffer's correction end in violence? Because wisdom reveals your wickedness. Angry at being discovered, he will want to eliminate the light that exposes him. Consider the murder of Abel by Cain. Abel set a higher standard and exposed the insincerity of Cain's offering.

          Pillar #5 Cultivate and develop the will

          9:8b correct a wise man and he will love you.

          Proverbs 9:9 Teach the wise, and they become wiser; teach the righteous, and they will increase in knowledge.

          Für diejenigen, die bereit sind, an Gott zu glauben und die Evangelien anzunehmen, müssen wir sie entwickeln und fördern. Es ist wie die Mutter, die ihre Babys und Kinder pflegt und sich gut um sie kümmert.

          Pillar #6 Fear of God - The standards of right and wrong and our obedience

          Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
          Proverbs 9:11 For through me your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life.

          Proverbs 9:12 If you are wise, you are wise to yourself; if you scoff, only you will bear it.

          All wisdom must be based on belief in a wise and good God. We must learn from him and his ways so that we too can become like him, for we were created in his image. Paul prayed and worked for Christ to be formed in believers. Right and wrong are defined by our Creator God and not by our own understanding. We are to follow and obey His words and not what we think or feel is right.

          Pillar #7 Do not give in to temptation - Turn away from evil and sins - Prudence

          Proverbs 9:13 A foolish woman is loud; she is seductive and knows nothing.
          (vs Wisdom - A good meat and wine with insights)
          Proverbs 9:14 He sits at the door of his house; she sits on the highest seats in the city,
          (vs wisdom - girls who go and call and don't sit at the door.You don't have to do anything for madness. Just be lazy.)
          Proverbs 9:15 Call upon the passers-by who stand in their way,
          Proverbs 9:16 "He who is simple, repent." And for those who lack common sense, she says:
          (Follys Aufruf lautet „It’s Simple and Easy and Effortless – Just Enjoy“)
          Proverbs 9:17 "Stolen water is sweet, and stealth eaten bread is pleasant."
          (Sin is attractive in the short term, but comes with a heavy price to pay.)
          Proverbs 9:18 But he does not know that there are dead people there and that his guests are in the depths of Sheol.

          (The price is death and hell!)

          Wisdom can recognize temptation and not be deceived. She will see the dangers hidden in the outward appearance of attractiveness. Wisdom can illuminate the darkness and evil of sin. Wisdom gives us a warning to turn from our sins.

          The combined list
          We can combine all of the above lists and find that they are the various subsets of the 7 pillars. It is like Paul defining what love is and the nine aspects of the same spiritual fruit.

          What do you think?
          And more importantly, what have you learned about the Pillars of Wisdom that will transform you for the better?

          May God bless you and give you insight.

          Lim Liat (c) 9. January 2018

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          What were the 7 pillars of wisdom? ›

          Wisdom's seven pillars, according to scripture, are: fear of the Lord, instruction, knowledge, understanding, discretion, counsel, and reproof.

          Is Seven Pillars of Wisdom true? ›

          Seven Pillars of Wisdom is an autobiographical account of his experiences during the Arab Revolt of 1916–1918, when Lawrence was based in Wadi Rum in Jordan as a member of the British Forces.

          When was the Seven Pillars of Wisdom first published? ›

          Why is it called 7 Pillars of Wisdom? ›

          Wikipedia explains that Seven Pillars of Wisdom was the title for a previous book Lawrence had been planning to publish before the war broke out. It was to be a scholarly work about the seven greatest cities of the Middle East: Cairo, Smyrna, Constantinople, Beirut, Aleppo, Damascus, and Medina.

          Who wrote the 7 pillars of wisdom? ›

          'Seven Pillars of Wisdom' by Thomas Edward Lawrence is a memoir of observations about World War I by Lawrence who worked in Syria and Palestine - Arabia - from 1914 to 1918.

          What are the 7 pillars of Christianity? ›

          Engraved on those seven columns are these statements: 1) One body, 2) One Spirit; 3) One hope; 4) One Lord; 5) One Faith; 6) One Baptism; 7) One God and Father.

          How factual is Pillars of the Earth? ›

          Although The Pillars of the Earth is fiction, it includes some real-life characters and incidents from history, such as King Stephen at the battle of Lincoln, and the murder of Thomas Becket.

          How accurate is the film Lawrence of Arabia? ›

          Historical accuracy. Most of the film's characters are based on people to varying degrees. Some scenes were heavily fictionalised, such as the Battle of Aqaba, and those dealing with the Arab Council were inaccurate since the council remained more or less in power in Syria until France deposed Faisal in 1920.

          What do pillars symbolize in the Bible? ›

          The pillar is the bridge between HEAVEN and EARTH, the vertical axis which both unites and divides these two realms. It is closely connected to the symbolism of the TREE; it also represents stability, and a broken pillar represents death and mortality.

          When was the Book of Wisdom written and by whom? ›

          The Book of Wisdom was written about fifty years before the coming of Christ. Its author, whose name is not known to us, was probably a member of the Jewish community at Alexandria, in Egypt. He wrote in Greek, in a style patterned on that of Hebrew verse.

          Is Pillars of the Earth historically accurate? ›

          Ken Follett's novel is noted as being historically accurate and represents medieval life precisely. The novel is centered on the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, tracking the development of Gothic architecture. The Pillars of the Earth was fascinating, a window into the medieval era.

          Is Seven Pillars of Wisdom worth reading? ›

          Nevertheless, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" is a remarkable read, and highly recommended. This particular edition contains some fascinating sketches of the men, British and Arab, with whom Lawrence served.

          Why is wisdom female in the Bible? ›

          Why the female personification? Perhaps in part because, in Hebrew, wisdom is a grammatically feminine noun. Grammar does not fully explain, however, Proverbs's interest in repeated and varied development of the female persona, which contrasts with the only incipient personification in Job.

          What are the 3 types of wisdom? ›

          “There are four classes of wisdom, according to James 3:15-17: earthly wisdom, intellectual wisdom, devilish wisdom and the wisdom from above,” he explained.

          Who wrote the book of wisdom in the Catholic Bible? ›

          It is more an exhortation to pursue wisdom than a collection of wise teachings (as in Proverbs, Sirach, and Ecclesiastes). Its implied author is King Solomon, and its implied audience is the rulers of the earth.

          Where are the Seven Pillars of Wisdom located? ›

          The Seven Pillars is iconic in Wadi Rum as it is the first major formation you will see as you approach the valley. Named after TE Lawrence's book, not the other way around.

          How many pillars does God have? ›

          Legendary Bible teacher Herbert Lockyer unfolds the seven "pillars" of divine wisdom demonstrated in Christ's incarnation and redeeming work on earth that the church upholds as essential truths of the faith.

          What are the 7 pillars of the world? ›

          the Pentateuch: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. figures of these lists are declared to be 'the seven pillars of the world...

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          Some historicists typically interpret the seven churches as representing seven different periods in the history of the Western Church from the time of Paul until the return of Jesus Christ.

          Is Shiring a real place? ›

          It is very important throughout the novels and is a recognisable location in the county. The castle, like the county of Shiring, is completely fictional.

          Does Kingsbridge cathedral exist? ›

          Kingsbridge and its cathedral are entirely fictional. The shot is of modern-day Salisbury with a CGI cathedral combining elements of Salisbury Cathedral and Wells Cathedral which were the two cathedrals which inspired Follett during the writing of the novel.

          How do we know the Pillars of Creation were destroyed? ›

          Images taken with the Spitzer Space Telescope uncovered a cloud of dust in the vicinity of the Pillars of Creation that Nicolas Flagey suggested could be a shock wave produced by a supernova. The appearance of the cloud suggests the supernova shockwave would have destroyed the Pillars of Creation 6,000 years ago.

          What did Churchill say about Lawrence of Arabia? ›

          The pair remained in contact until Lawrence's death in 1935 when Churchill headed the list of notable mourners. He said of Lawrence: "I fear whatever our need we shall never see his like again."

          What did Lawrence think of Arabs? ›

          Lawrence also made a clear contrast between the debased Arabs of the city and the primitive tribesmen of the desert. As early as June 1911, while digging at Carchemish, he exclaimed: “The perfectly hopeless vulgarity of the half-Europeanised Arab is appalling.

          What is the longest movie ever? ›

          Guinness World Records says the longest film ever made is "The Cure for Insomnia" released in 1987. The 85-hour experimental film was directed by John Henry Timmis IV. It was played in its entirety Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, 1987 at the The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, according to Guinness World Records.

          What is the main purpose of pillars? ›

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          Who are the pillars of your life? ›

          The pillars of life can be thought of similarly. They are foundations that exist to guide us and give us stability. If you feel uncertain about the future, consider striving to build 5 pillars of life: career, money, love, purpose, and enthusiasm.

          What are the pillars of spirituality? ›

          According to wisdom keepers from a range of traditions, human spirituality is upheld by three pillars: relationships, values, and meaningful purpose. They form the foundation to build your spiritual “home”, so you can create a life according to what calls to your soul.

          What are the seven pillars of power? ›

          For the insurgent, these dynamics—the power of rising expectations, the power of the people, the power of the underdog, the power of agility, the power of resistance, the power of security, and the power of belonging—become the pillars of small war power.

          What are the seven pillars of the world? ›

          the Pentateuch: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. figures of these lists are declared to be 'the seven pillars of the world...

          How accurate is Pillars of the Earth? ›

          Ken Follett's novel is noted as being historically accurate and represents medieval life precisely. The novel is centered on the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, tracking the development of Gothic architecture. The Pillars of the Earth was fascinating, a window into the medieval era.

          Should I read Pillars of the Earth before the prequel? ›

          “Our father was descended from Tom Builder, the stepfather and mentor of Jack Builder, architect of Kingsbridge Cathedral,” she said. “Father vowed to give his firstborn to God but, unfortunately, his firstborn was a girl –. So i suggest reading The Pillars of Earth first is absolutely necessary .

          What books should I read to gain wisdom? ›

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          • Manual for Living. by Epictetus. ...
          • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. by Yuval Noah Harari. ...
          • The Lessons of History. by Will and Ariel Durant. ...
          • Fooled by Randomness. by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. ...
          • Meditations. by Marcus Aurelius. ...
          • Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre. by Keith Johnstone. ...
          • Siddhartha. ...
          • Principles.

          Where are the seven pillars of wisdom located? ›

          The Seven Pillars is iconic in Wadi Rum as it is the first major formation you will see as you approach the valley. Named after TE Lawrence's book, not the other way around.


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