Top 10 Free Social Sharing Widgets for Websites for 2023 (2023)

Do you want to increase user engagement? Here are the best social media widgets to increase your reach.

Social media has reinvented the marketing landscape, the way we promote ourselves and our content to billions of active internet users. Social media allows us to connect with like-minded groups and consume content that resonates with our personality, interests and aspirations. Facebook and Twitter are the two major social media networks. Providing our readers with the ability to connect with us through these networks is critical to online success.

First of all, social media is the best way to gain followers without making any financial investment. We must give our readers the opportunity to promote our work without thinking twice. The best way is with specially designed widgets and social media sharing tools. The best websites in the world use such widgets to reach new audiences with their existing ones and today we are going to talk about the best social media sharing widgets that take just a few minutes to set up but which provide a wide range of modern web features for maximum exposure and hack growth.

The best social media widgets for websites

1. Add to anything

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AddToAny is one of the pioneers of social sharing widgets. Millions of WordPress users use AddToAny for sharing content on social media, and millions of webmasters use AddToAny for their websites. The development of the AddToAny feature list has kept so many people coming back to it, realizing that it's not about the design (which is great as we know it) but about the functionality such a plugin can provide.

AddToAny supports hundreds of bookmarking services, making it easy for you and your visitors to share your content with one click on the same page they read it from. The widget is mobile-friendly, uses SVG to deliver modern visual content, and is fully optimized to ensure fast loading and running of websites with the page sharing widget active. Those who want to track social data can easily integrate the widget with their Google Analytics dashboard for additional reporting.


2. Add to

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AddThis is another well-known social sharing platform that offers many content marketing options with a simple standalone widget. This provides traditional share buttons that can be customized to appear anywhere on the page. There is a new feature to display social media follow buttons; also wherever you want.

The other two major features are more refined and focus more on the content aspects of the online world. The first focuses on popups based on your specifications; now you can easily display custom content to readers visiting individual pages or sections of your site. Let's say you want to learn more about your audience and their habits, especially on social media. Then there are no better platforms than AddThis - which offers a complex data analytics platform that teaches you everything you need to know about the audience you serve. The platform has grown from a small business to a comprehensive business solution for large and small websites.


3. SumoMe

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SumoMe is still considered the new baby in the industry when it comes to social media sharing and social trends, but the company's popularity has skyrocketed in just a few short years. SumoMe's main areas of functionality are social promotion, email list building, and content analysis using techniques such as heatmaps. SumoMe offers a unique list of features that allow webmasters to promote their content without any extra effort.

Content Analytics gives you real insight into how, when and where your users read and interact with your content. Load SumoMe and install custom tools like Discover to promote yourself on blogs promoted by other Discover users. Scroll Box collects email subscribers as the user digs deeper into each content page, but if you want to collect registrations, use the welcome mat — a full-page welcome widget that promotes your email list as soon as someone visits your site.

However, we are not here to discuss all these great features, we are here to learn more about the social sharing aspect that SumoMe has to offer. The platform offers a highly customizable and highly attractive social media sharing widget that can be used as a floating share bar on the side of pages or integrated into actual content pages as a standalone widget. Works for most of the leading social networking sites. Works great on desktop and mobile devices with concise customization options. The premium version gives you a deeper insight into the social sharing habits of your website visitors.


4. Buffer

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Buffer (also known as Buffer App) is another hugely successful social media sharing widget/app. It continues to help millions of internet users share content more effectively. It offers a more convenient service with an emphasis on content rather than experience sharing. In this case, they are both very attractive and professional experiences. Simply put, Buffer provides its users with the best social sharing widget. Users can use it to easily share content on multiple social networks at the same time. It's perfect for webmasters, content consumers, journalists, designers, and social media creatives.

Buffer provides analytics reports on the best time to tweet and the most engaging users and tweets. It offers more data that will change the way you look at social media publications and promotion forever. All the widgets on our list already have a buffer share button in one way or another. However, you can also download it on your mobile phone or in the Mozilla and Chrome browsers.


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ShareThis has been around for a long time. The company has taken a new and modern approach to sharing on social media apart from the music on the homepage. The ShareThis platform is quite attractive for anyone who shares the interest in floating social share bars. But social analytics also allow users to learn more about their audience's habits and patterns. The new look is modern, clean, sleek and goes well with a variety of designs. The widget supports over 100 social bookmarking and sharing platforms where users can post content.


6. Elf vision

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Adding social sharing to your website or blog has never been easier. All you need is a reliable social sharing widget, and that's it. Like everything else on this list, the Elfsight is a spectacular alternative to get you going in the right direction without a sweat. FYI, you don't need to know how to code to use Elfsight. Moreover, the social media buttons you want to add to your website comply with the latest trends and regulations and appear without any problems on all devices and web browsers.

According to the official announcement, you only need to spend a minute to activate Elfsight. Start with the Lite version and move on - you can upgrade at any time. Anyone can share your content or website with one click, which means more traffic.


7. Social War

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Social Warfare is a WordPress-exclusive social sharing plugin that you can embed into your app completely free of charge. Instead of building one yourself, you can now get the most out of Social Warfare and save time and effort. It will take you very little time to set up the plugin and share social content on your website or blog. It is worth noting that Social Warfare ensures that your website is not slowed down by always keeping its performance at a high level.

You can choose from the best social networks, determine where the buttons appear and even make them sticky. With the share counter, Social Warfare helps you provide social proof by showing the popularity of your content. However, if you ever need even more goodies, you can always upgrade and upgrade to the premium version.

Check this one out if you want to see more tools like thisWordPress social sharing plugins.


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With hundreds of thousands of active installs, you know this next social media sharing plugin is the real deal. The tool is not only easy to use, but also offers a very eye-pleasing effect, so that the share buttons are not distracting. Moreover, you can use the free version forever without paying any fees.

This unique bundle contains an impressive collection of sixteen designs, making it much faster to find the style that best suits your theme. You can specify multiple actions for each icon, activate animations, float icons, add a timer, and even create a popup. Even though it is a free solution, there are plenty of features and functions available to help you get the most out of it.


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Shareaholic was a platform that not many people knew about for a long time. These are mainly niche websites, spread in all directions of the planet. Today, millions of webmasters, developers and designers continue to use the Shareaholic plugin all over the world. Everyone reaps the huge benefits of using a modern sharing widget that delivers on its promises. Shareaholic promises more user engagement, more social media shares, and ultimately more website traffic.

Shareaholic allows advertisers and publishers to personalize how relevant content is discovered, used, engaged and shared. Its own window allows it to adapt to users' interests. Particularly for marketers, Shareaholic boosts native advertising performance by leveraging the power of highly engaged enthusiasts and influencers across the web. For website owners, Shareaholic creates products that enable them to effectively engage and grow their online audience. They can also monetize their traffic and analyze the online sharing of their content. Available for Chrome, WordPress and other major software platforms.


10. Inlogradius (sociale login)

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LoginRadius focuses on three different directions. Social sharing, integration of social logins and collection of social data to improve the two previous functions. LoginRadius makes it easy for webmasters to integrate social login functionality into their websites//apps (via API). But this also applies to their WordPress blogs via the official plugin. LoginRadius is also a project that needs to be developed and refined before it is ready for the real world. This plugin also works great with leading WordPress plugins. This includes BuddyPress, bbPress and many member site plugins.


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